Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society (TNS) is a organization of mental health specialists whose aim is to enhance the quality of care in mental health and related fields through

  • Support and promotion of research and education in the fields of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences
  • Raising awareness on mental health in the medical community and the society
  • Conducting scientific activities in national and international spheres

Additionally, Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society has a mission of

  • representing the community of neuropsychiatry nationally and internationally
  • enhancing collaboration between Psychiatry and other medical and mental health fields.
  • Protecting the rights of the patients
  • Protecting the rights of the mental health professionals
  • providing leadership in the education of the public and influence mental health policies countrywide

Activities include cooperating with different sectors during the Annual Mental Health Week that takes place after the World Mental Health Day 10th of October every year. The campaign includes educating the media on mental health, holding pulic conferences especially for vulnerable population.

  • Forming strong international ties both within the Zonal and Regional structures as well as all member societies of World Psychiatric Association worldwide, and other international health and mental health organisations thet have similar objectives
  • Publishing the Journal Archives of Neuropsychiatry quarterly since 1951.

Areas of Focus

  • highest ethical standards in the profession
  • prevention of mental illnesses, promotion of care and support for patients and their caregivers
  • development and establishment of scientific treatment principles and best clinical practice
  • continued professional education

Structural Bodies of TNS

General Assembly: Ordinary General Assembly meets every two years in January.

Executive Committee: Ordinary meetings of the EC takes place every month. Seven members are elected by the GA.

Ethical Committee: Three members are assigned by the EC, act as consultants to the EC on ethical and disciplinary matters.

Trainees Committee: is formed by trainee representatives of the TNS members, to promote leadership for the future of the Society.